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We hope that this brief introduction will give you a glimpse into our passion for promoting vibrant smiles and healthy bodies.
In our Turlock dental office, you will notice immediately that we believe your general sense of wellness is directly related to your oral health. You will find that we have gone beyond the standard of integrative care that avoids mercury. With specific intent, we have designed our practice to be a safe place for you and your family as well as for ourselves.
Green practices make our practice a great place for you and your loved ones.
We have proudly "gone Green," choosing to implement safe disposal practices outlined by the EPA, digital x-rays, conservation of paper products, and our own recycling habits! With an efficient sterilization process, we are able to bypass the unnecessary disposal of plastics into the environment.

A Note from Ramsin K. Davoud DDS, NMD, IBDM, AIAOMT

Dr. Ramsin K. Davoud DDS
Through health challenges of my own, I began an eight-year journey into a more naturalistic and integrative way of living. In my own life as well as in my practice, I look at the effect that environmental factors and diet have on oral health and on whole-body health.
My experience involved visits to multiple specialists and countless tests, all of which led to numerous different diagnoses and recommendations. Unwilling to accept the status quo, I became my own advocate. The more educated I became in the areas of homeopathy, naturopathy, and natural detoxification, the better my health became.
I soon started joining organizations and learning about natural, biological, conservative, and minimally invasive dentistry and it has been the best thing that has ever happened in my practice.
It is my privilege to provide dental care through which your smile, your health, and your life may improve.
We are mindful of the oral-systemic connection as we work to achieve your oral health goals through conservative dentistry. From our perspective, everything that happens in the mouth also happens to the body. Over the past several years, research has confirmed the validity of this idea. It is common knowledge that gum disease can cause inflammation throughout the entire body, increasing the risk of serious health conditions ranging from respiratory infections to cardiovascular disease. Perhaps not so obvious are the effects that minor oral conditions and – importantly – that dental work can have on systemic health. We believe that you will find our approach to oral-systemic health a refreshing detour from the norm!

Excellence through personal investment

We take an integrative approach to dental care with you in mind. Through minimally invasive techniques, we address your need for comfort. Through the use of micro-dentistry techniques, we preserve as much natural tooth structure as possible. With attention to the smallest details, we meet your need for natural beauty. The continual investment we make into our education and training allows us give you and your family solutions that promote optimal wellness.
Dr. Davoud offers Clifford Materials Reactivity Testing for patients in Turlock, CA. A small blood sample supports an objective laboratory screening test specific to your unique biochemistry. Vital information reveals potential chemical sensitivity problems in dental and orthopedic materials. Get the safest level of treatment with biomaterials that align with your chemistry.
The decisions you make about your oral health have an enormous impact on your smile and on your overall wellbeing. We are interested in helping you make confident, informed decisions about integrative dental care that will reward you for your lifetime.
Call your Turlock dentist today at (209) 666-8867.

Create A Metal-Free Smile
Whether for health reasons or due to esthetic concerns, patients from across the region visit our office to “get the metal out” of their smiles. The risks associated with mercury fillings and the desire to create “all-natural smiles” motivate many. At the same time, there are real, tangible clinical benefits to replacing old, metal fillings with the latest generation of hybrid composite materials. Call today to learn more.
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A Higher Standard of Dental Care
We treat each patient as if you are a member of our family. And, we focus on providing a higher standard of care that is possible because of our on-going commitment to advanced training, integration of technology and utilization of the finest materials. By doing things right the first time, we respect your time and save you money. Please consider visiting our office to see first-hand all the ways we can help you smile.
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What Our Patients Say

Gaby B. - 5 Star Review
100+ Google Reviews

" Dr. Davoud's attention to detail and holistic approach while working with my 3 year old was fantastic. He took his time and walked her through every step of the procedure. We had a wonderful experience. I highly recommend!!! "
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Kyle K. - 5 Star Review
100+ Google Reviews

" Fantastic work fixing my broken tooth. It looks great and the Dr and staff did a terrific job! Thank you "
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Nick M. - 5 Star Review
100+ Google Reviews

" Dr. Davoud is the best! He has completely broken through my fear and distrust of dentists. Davoud is honest and straight forward. He listens and considers your feedback. He also keeps up on the latest and most effective treatments. Best of all... He is a WIZARD when it comes to numbing techniques. This dental super hero makes sure that you don't feel the injections and then massages the anesthetic into your gums to achieve a complete numbing. Davoud has pulled 3 of my teeth and I never felt a thing "
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George S. - 5 Star Review
100+ Google Reviews

" Dr. Davoud is the best dentist in town! He is very knowledgeable and has the latest technology. My family and I have been patients since 2003 and he gave me the smile I always wanted. The process was painless, and I now have the most beautiful smile thanks to this wonderful dentist. I highly recommend his office if you are looking for a quality and caring dentist. "
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Mariam A. - 5 Star Review
100+ Google Reviews

" Dr. Davoud is a great doctor. He gave me an excellent experience with an explanation about what was going on with me. He is very skilful, nice and funny doctor. Plus that he left his family to come and check on my tooth. The staff is so nice and have the patience of saints! "
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Brenda B. - 5 Star Review
100+ Google Reviews

" If you're looking for a Dentist who doesn't just drill and fill, then you need to go to Dr. Davoud; His goal is not only to treat any dental related issues, but to do it in such way that will also improve your overall health! He's an exceptionally great Dentist!!"
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We focus on providing a higher standard of care that is possible because of our on-going commitment to advanced training, integration of technology and utilization of the finest materials.

Dr. Ramsin Davoud takes an integrative approach to dental care with you in mind.

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