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When I use to go to a different dentist to get my braces I was told I needed to take out four of my teeth to get them! But I was not comfortable with that situation and ended up getting my braces done at Dr. Davoud's dentist office. He told me that I did not have to take any teeth out and I got my braces done! Around that time, I needed to take my braces off I had a clicking jaw problem that needed fixing, so Dr. Davoud treated me with jaw therapy. Once I finished all my therapy sessions my clicking jaw problem was gone! I can't thank him enough for what he has done for me!
It may seem unlikely that issues like ringing in the ears, dizziness, or chronic headaches could stem from the jaw, but this is exactly the case for millions of people. The oral structure is complex and capable of a number of tasks. When the function of this structure is disrupted, you may experience generalized pain in the face, head, neck, and shoulders. In his extensive dental education, Dr. Davoud has completed advanced training that enables him to assist you in restoring function to overstressed temporomandibular joints.
What is TMJ Disorder?
Every time you chew, swallow, speak, laugh, or clench your teeth, a system of bones, ligaments, muscles, joints, and cartilage is put to work. Sometimes, this network of structures becomes overused. When the TMJs become inflamed, pain and other symptoms are not far behind.
Advanced diagnostics
While a certain amount of information can be gathered in a routine dental exam, we believe in going beyond the norm. To accurately diagnose TMJ disorder, we use advanced technology like the K7 device. Integrating electromyography and electrosonography, the K7 measures muscle activity at rest and active while also capturing the subtle sounds that accompany jaw movements. Measured data includes 3-dimensional images of the jaw for in-depth evaluation.
Dr. Davoud has completed advanced training at multiple institutions for post-graduate training. He is among a small percentage of dentists to complete high-level education in the area of advanced TMJ treatment. If you live in the Turlock area and want definitive answers to your dental concerns, we can help.
Advanced treatment
A key factor in treating TMJ is recognizing that there may be different causes for different patients. A common approach to reducing the effects of dysfunction is the prescribed wear of a custom oral appliance. While this is an option for our patients, it is offered only after a thorough exploration of the cause and other potential treatments.
One of the ways we can reduce the effects of TMJ Disorder is to relax muscle constriction using mild electric stimulation with our TENS unit. This comfortable and convenient modality begins the "reprogramming" process by relieving chronic tension in the jaw. During the short treatment session, stimulation also invites enhanced circulation and oxygenation to the area.
In some cases, the cause of TMJ disorder is imbalance in the way that teeth fit together. Equilibrium may be restored through precision care in which we identify areas of imbalance and correct them by reshaping the teeth through different techniques and modalities.
One such method of encouraging alignment using an integrative approach is the GNM appliance. This technique was developed by Dr. Clayton Chan and we are proud to offer it in our office. More than a standard oral appliance for TMJ Disorder, the GNM orthotic is an orthopedic device customized to the patient's oral structure.
With an accurate diagnosis of TMJ Disorder, you are on your way back to greater comfort. Contact our office today for more information.
TMJ Disorder may be the cause of facial and head pain as well as other symptoms. Get the answers you need from Dr. Ramsin Davoud, DDS. (209) 666-8867 .
The causes of TMJ disorders vary for different patients. Similarly, treatments may also vary including the recommendation of oral appliances. That’s why a thorough evaluation of the problem by a qualified dentist is necessary. CALL (209) 666-8867 NOW OR BOOK AN APPOINTMENT
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