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Turlock, CA dental expert explains the process for safe amalgam removal

dental expert explains the process for safe amalgam removal

Turlock and San Jose, CA, residents who want to have their amalgam dental fillings removed can turn to Dr. Ramsin K. Davoud, DDS. For many years, metal fillings were the standard for cavity restoration because of their affordability and durability. However, studies have shown a connection between mercury and certain illnesses. The health risks of amalgam are said to increase when the metal is heated, which occurs when patients chew or brush their teeth; therefore, many patients are opting to have their fillings removed. Another reason patients choose to have their metal fillings removed is because of their dark appearance. These fillings, which contain 50 percent mercury, can be replaced with composite materials that are safe, durable, and cosmetically appealing.

Dr. Davoud follows a specific protocol to ensure that the removal procedure is safe for the patient, his team, himself, and the environment. Dr. Davoud takes the following precautions:

  • Use of water and air during the procedure to ensure that the materials are kept cool and fewer mercury vapors are released during the drilling process.
  • Use of rubber dams to isolate the tooth and keep the filling material in place until it can be extracted, which prevents the patient from swallowing it.
  • Davoud and his dental assistants wear proper protective material to reduce the absorption of vapors.
  • High-volume suction is used to quickly and effectively remove the toxic material. This suction is critical in minimizing the risk of exposure to all parties involved.
  • Proper disposal methods are followed to ensure that harmful materials are not reintroduced to the environment.

If you’re considering having your fillings removed, contact a dentist who is trained and takes the procedure seriously. Dr. Davoud will provide expert and gentle care, using only safe and quality materials. Call the office of Dr. Ramsin Davoud today to learn more.


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