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Experience the many benefits of Myobrace service as an alternative to conventional braces in Turlock, CA

Turlock, CA patients of Dr. Ramsin Davoud enjoy cosmetic and health benefits from natural Myobrace service.

Biological dentistry celebrates your body’s natural restorative and healing properties. As a biological dentist, Dr. Ramsin Davoud and his team also support the use of conservative or minimally-invasive techniques and products that effectively treat conditions, but do so without the risk associated with conventional treatments. The benefits of Myobrace service in Turlock, CA make it a perfect fit for Ramsin K Davoud DDS.

Myobrace represents a “pre-orthodontic” treatment that gets to the cause of your child’s crowded, crooked, or otherwise misaligned teeth. This non-invasive, multi-faceted, and proven approach may even eliminate the need for your child to wear conventional braces or other orthodontic treatments later in life.

The science behind the treatment

Myobrace is a type of “myofunctional therapy.” The idea is to resolve myofunctional habits that cause the jaws to develop incorrectly. Such therapies are based on “orofacial myology,” which is the study of the mouth and facial muscles with a special interest in the lips, tongue, and cheeks. It’s these structures that are responsible for many functions, including breathing, sucking, chewing, swallowing, and speech. Treatment can involve both dental appliances and educating and training patients on habits such as “oral rest posture,” which refers to how the lips and tongue are positioned.

A compromised oral rest posture and other problems with orofacial patterns can give rise to all sorts of conditions that affect your child’s appearance and quality of life, including:

  • Headaches and earaches, neck pain, and other temporomandibular joint-related symptoms
  • Poor facial definition and profile
  • Frequent ear, nose, and throat infections (complications of mouth breathing)

So, the effects of myofunctional problems go beyond how teeth are positioned and, in turn, therapy can have far-reaching positive impacts on your child’s life.

How Myobrace works

Image of a Myobrace uses of a Straight Teeth

 The Myobrace system is really like two different treatments in one: dental appliances and daily exercises. A series of removable appliances are worn for one to two hours each day, as well as overnight when your child is sleeping. This therapy is combined with trademarked Myobrace Activities. These exercises are designed to improve breathing, muscular function, and tongue posture.

Conventional dentistry tends to place the blame for poor bite or misalignment on too-small jaws or too-large teeth. The reality is, these characteristics are only a factor. They don’t tell the whole story, nor do they get to the source of your child’s misaligned teeth: Incorrect myofunctional habits like mouth-breathing, thumb-sucking, and tongue-thrusting.

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Based on the idea that teeth are too big for a child’s mouth or crowding is due to other inherited conditions, traditional braces treatment has often included removing teeth to create more space. Many of these treatments are also counterintuitive, because they occur after most of your child’s growth is complete. Moreover, braces act as a “Band-Aid” to patch up problems over the short term without addressing the habits and patterns responsible for incorrect development. Myobrace represents a long-term and effective solution, in 4 basic steps:

  • As with all treatments, Myobrace starts with a consultation. We’ll gather information about your child’s mouth to assess his or her needs for treatment.
  • A treatment plan is tailored specifically to your child’s needs. You’ll get more information on the appliances, treatment time, and costs.
  • We’ll discuss how to wear the Myobrace appliances that use light forces to reposition teeth and correct functional problems. Trainer activities and myofunctional exercises will also be discussed.
  • Regular check-ups are a must, so that Dr. Davoud can see how treatment is progressing and that you’re following the steps outlined in your specific plan.

With braces, compliance can be a problem because children must commit to retainers, so their teeth don’t shift back over time. The Myobrace system doesn’t require retainers, so it’s associated with a high level of acceptance and lasting results. As long as your myofunctional habits are altered and the true cause of developmental problems are corrected, your child’s teeth will remain in appropriate, treated positions.

Natural treatment

 Myobrace offers a natural way to unlock your child’s growth potential. It’s designed for patients aged 5 to 15 years old. Myofunctional therapy can transform your child’s smile and so much more. Experience the Myobrace system for yourself by calling (209) 666-8867 to schedule a consultation at the Turlock, CA office of Ramsin K Davoud DDS.


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