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Discover the Benefits of Biological Dentistry with dental care in Turlock

Are you looking for a new dentist? Maybe you’re new to the area or want to find a dentist with a different approach to care than the one you currently see. Finding a dental office that feels like the right place for you is hard to do! Ramsin K. Davoud DDS Family & Cosmetic Dentistry, serving Turlock and surrounding areas understands the difficulty! We want to offer you a difference in your dental care. That’s why we provide patients with biological dental care. If you’re looking for a place that’s committed to your ongoing health and wellbeing, give us a call today!

Dr. Davoud Ramsin explains the Benefits of Biological Dentistry with dental care in Turlock

What biological dentistry is: 

This isn’t a fancy new specialty of dental care! In fact, we believe this is dentistry as it should be. The main idea behind biological dental care is to always seek the safest, least toxic method to accomplish treatment, whether that is through preventive care or treating a problem in your oral health. We also believe strongly in working with your body, instead of against your body as many dental techniques do. We believe that a biocompatible treatment approach utilizes the healing strength of the body far better than many standard treatments can.

Some hallmarks of biological dentistry:

Dr. Davoud Ramsin explains Some hallmarks of biological dentistry.

  • Mercury free practices: We believe that mercury, in any amount, in the human body is to be avoided. Dental amalgam fillings contain mercury, which exposes you to an unhealthy substance. Chronic exposure to these fillings may create a risk of harm to your overall health and wellbeing. We believe there are far healthier alternatives to amalgam fillings and conduct our practice accordingly.
  • Removal of mercury: We not only practice mercury free dentistry. but can also help you rid yourself of the chronic exposure to mercury from old amalgam fillings. We adhere to the removal guidelines of the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology. This means we protect ourselves and you from inadvertent exposure.
  • Ozone for treatment: Ozone has been shown to be an effective sterilization treatment during dental procedures. It also assists your body with its natural healing capabilities, shortening recovery time from dental work. 
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Some benefits you will experience:

  • Healthier teeth: Our goal is to remove the least amount of natural tooth structure as necessary to complete a procedure. This provides better long-term health to both your teeth and jawbone.
  • Faster recovery time: Because of our use of biocompatible materials, restorative work and gum disease treatment have faster healing times.
  • Minimally invasive: Not only do we focus on removing as little of natural tooth material as possible, we also focus on treatment that impacts the mouth as little as possible.
  • Better overall health: Without the presence of harmful materials, you will feel the difference! Also, we focus on helping you achieve better overall health through excellent oral health. Studies have definitively linked the health of your mouth with conditions such as diabetes and heart disease.
  • Feel better about helping the environment: When mercury fillings are removed water borne mercury is produced. This can impact the environment. By receiving mercury free dental work, you are making a difference in the environment. In addition, when you choose us, you choose an office that utilizes EPA safe disposal practices, digital x-rays, active recycling of paper products and a sterilization process that minimizes the amount of disposable plastic.

Why we are perfect for your new dental home!

Dr. Davoud Ramsin offers dental services for the entire family

  • We offer dental services for the entire family. This means you don’t have to worry about trying to get different family members to various locations around town.
  • We provide sedation to help eliminate your anxiety.
  • Cosmetic dental services are available to help you rejuvenate your smile!
  • We provide emergency dental care and advice at any hour of the day. We strongly believe urgent dental matters should never be ignored.

Call today to schedule your individualized consultation. Discover the difference biological dentistry will have on your life! We look forward to meeting you. (209) 690-8051.

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