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Biological dental treatment with ozone therapy in Turlock, CA

When three oxygen atoms combine, we get ozone. Ozone can be used medically to eliminate harmful bacteria, fungi, viruses, and parasites without involving more invasive or aggressive treatments that could have significant side effects.

Dr. Ramsin Davoud, (Ramsin K. Davoud, Family & Cosmetic Dentistry) provides dental ozone therapy and various other biological dental treatments in Turlock, CA to appropriate candidates.

In biological dentistry, ozone therapy is emerging as a promising solution to address various oral health conditions. Experienced dentist, Dr. Ramsin Davoud, (Ramsin K. Davoud, Family & Cosmetic Dentistry) provides dental ozone therapy and various other biological dental treatments in Turlock, CA to appropriate candidates.

How does Ozone Work?

When medical grade oxygen is passed through a corona discharge generator, ozone is formed. Both gaseous and liquid ozone (ozonated water) are used effectively in removal of harmful organisms. Ozonated olive oil, a dense transparent ointment, is obtained when ozone is strained through pure olive oil.

Atmospheric ozone does an excellent job of cleaning out harmful pollutants by combining with these polluting elements in the atmosphere to form new compounds. Due to this, the measurement of ozone levels in the atmosphere serves as a good barometer for air pollution levels.

Ozone particles carry negative charge and tend to react with particles carrying an opposite charge. Most harmful cells, such as bacteria, viruses, free radicals, etc., found inside the body have positively charged cell membranes. Therefore, ozone can successfully combat these harmful cells and destroy them.

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Ozone Therapy in Dentistry

When compared to chlorine, lesser quantities of ozone can act upon bacteria, viruses, parasites and fungi just as effectively and without any harmful after-effects. One ozone molecule is as potent as 3,000 to 10,000 chlorine molecules and is 2,500 times faster at killing germs.

The antioxidant/enzyme system in the pathogens’ cell membrane is fragile. Due to this, ozone pierces through their cell membranes, causing their destruction.

Periodontal infection

Exposing the gums to ozonated water or gaseous ozone is an excellent way to treat periodontal problems caused by infection to the gun tissues.

Root canal

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Root canal procedures use ozone extensively in:

  • Eliminating harmful bacteria
  • Disinfecting the tubules
  • Speeding the healing of affected areas

Gas can go where liquid cannot. Because ozone is available in a gaseous form, during root canal treatment, it passes into the smallest tubules, disinfecting the entire region. This ensures that the entire procedure is completed, and the system sealed without the slightest risk of infection.

Tooth Decay

Ozone is highly effective in treating tooth decay because it can destroy microbes by

  • Penetrating the region below the gum line
  • Entering the tooth’s grooves
  • Covering the tooth’s exterior

For shallow cavities and smaller areas of decay, ozone treatment alone may be enough, and tooth repair treatments can be skipped.

In case of deep cavities, ozone kills the germs first and then the dentist fills the tooth. Due to ozone’s recalcification properties, the tooth becomes stronger after ozone treatment.

Sensitive Teeth

Due to ozone’s ability to strengthen damaged calcium, exposing sensitive teeth to ozone gas gets rid of sensitivity.  Several patients who complained of sensitive teeth have experienced excellent results with ozone therapy.


Ozone has no known conflicting reactions to medicines. Allergic reaction to ozone is impossible because living things are not allergic to oxygen.

Post-Operative Experience

Image of white teeth

Most patients who have undergone cavity/crown treatments complain of pain. Until recently, this pain was attributed to the scarring of pulpal tissues due to heat. Now, it is believed that, in addition to trauma to the pulpal tissues due to heat, bacteria might also be entering dentinal tubules.

The bacterial invasion of the dentinal tubules causes a highly inflammatory reaction inside the pulp. The pulpitis of such patients causes extreme sensitive to changes in temperature and they experience hypersensitivity (which can cause instant pain) due to this.  In certain cases, the pulpitis becomes permanent and extensive endodontic procedures become necessary to cure the condition.

Applying ozone in cavity and crown preparations, before restoration placement can ensure that such bacterial infections are curtailed. Less bacteria results in less post-operative pain and fewer persons needing endodontic procedures.


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