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Five ways Biological Dentistry supports healthy smiles and overall well-being, and a healthy planet

According to government stats, there are more than 200 dentists in and around Turlock and the Modesto, California area. However, a closer look reveals that those practitioners are characterized as “general dentists.” There is nothing “general” or “basic” about our therapies and our investments in sophisticated technologies and techniques that advance patients’ oral-systemic health. 

Biological Dentist Office in Turlock CA Area

Led by dentist Dr. Ramsin K. Davoud, our office is proud to be a biological dental practice. This is not a mere marketing term or buzzword that “sounds nice.” Biological dentistry informs everything that we do, from the materials we recommend to patients to how we minimize or dispose of waste. Our methods, products, amenities, and technologies, and tools come together to: 

  • Support a healthy smile 
  • Retain lasting well-being and systemic health 
  • Minimize safety risks to our staff and patients
  • Protect the health of the planet with green practices

By definition, “biological” refers to living organisms. “Dentistry,” of course, relates to treating diseases and conditions that affect the teeth and gums. So, biological dentistry concerns itself with dental treatments, materials, products, and methods that add to or enhance life. 

In action, biological dentistry looks, feels, and functions like our dental office and team. And our team lives by the following characteristics and tenets: 

Biocompatibility and biomaterials

We are very selective about the investments that we make in new products and equipment. A basic fundamental of biological dentistry is to refrain from the use of amalgam fillings that contain mercury. We go above and beyond that standard. We have invested in the training on protocols and technologies to safely remove amalgam fillings and minimize exposure to mercury vapors and particles during the process. Additionally, we use Clifford Materials Reactivity Testing to ensure that all dental products are suitable to your body’s unique biochemistry.

Mindful of the oral-systemic connection

The oral cavity (your mouth) plays an important role in the health and function of your “system” (the rest of your body). In turn, Dr. Davoud and the team account for all factors that can affect oral health outside of the obvious oral hygiene. When recommending treatment, we consider environmental and lifestyle factors, from nutrition to comorbidities to habits that stress the body. This important fundamental is often referred to as “holistic dentistry.”

Minimally invasive

The treatments and services that we recommend are focused on preserving natural tissues. Conventional procedures and instruments often chip away at otherwise healthy tissues; for instance, the dental drill can aggressively break down tooth material. We use the likes of advanced laser dentistry to minimally alter the natural tissues, thus preserving as much as possible. This approach also facilitates gentle, precise, painless, and fast treatment. 

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In addition to using the latest technologies to facilitate minimally invasive treatment, Dr. Davoud is also skilled in the use of micro-dental techniques such as Biomimetic dentistry. These techniques include visualizing the treatment site by collecting as much detailed information as possible. Then, we can more precisely resolve decay or other underlying conditions. Such approaches are often so well-tolerated that patients may require little to no numbing anesthetic for comfort.


As with integrative medicine practitioners in other medical disciplines, dentists who practice this approach look at the big picture regarding available options for resolving conditions and symptoms. One of the many ways patients can see this in action is with dentists’ role in treating sleep-disordered breathing, such as Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA). 

In conjunction with sleep medicine specialists and family physicians, dental professionals who have extensive knowledge of OSA and related conditions, like Dr. Davoud, can create plans that effectively address the underlying cause of blocked airways during sleep. This is important because oral appliance therapy represents a viable treatment option for those patients who cannot tolerate (or comply) with bulky CPAP therapy.

We could go on and on about all of the ways that our biological practice is different. Instead, we encourage you to visit us and experience the differences for yourself! Call (209) 690-8051 today to schedule your appointment with Dr. Ramsin K. Davoud.

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