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Benefits of dental implants services in Turlock, CA

With dental implants, it is possible to restore the full form as well as function to the mouth of a patient who is missing one or more teeth. Dentures, bridges, and crowns supported by dental implants are the best option for anyone who is missing a tooth, and wants a healthy, strong tooth replacement that is very close to a natural tooth in appearance and function.

Dr. Ramsin Davoud at Ramsin K. Davoud DDS Family & Cosmetic Dentistry provides high quality care in Turlock, CA

Endosseous fixtures is another term for dental implants. The implant restorations are intended as a substitute for the whole structure of a missing tooth from the root to the crown. The implants, which function as artificial tooth roots are normally made of titanium or its alloy and resemble small screws. After being surgically placed in the jaw, the implant posts fuse with the natural bone tissue by means of a process known as osseointegration.

Therefore, they become a part of the person’s natural anatomy and offer stability and security equaling that of healthy tooth roots. However, a dental implant procedure is intricate and invasive. Patients should choose only a fully qualified and skilled dentist who has experience and a proven track record in performing dental implant treatments.

Experienced dentist, Dr. Ramsin Davoud, (Ramsin K. Davoud DDS, Family & Cosmetic Dentistry) provides dental implants services in Turlock, CA to suitable candidates.

Advantages of Dental Implants

Dentists all over accept that implant-retained dentures ensure better quality of life and oral health than traditional dentures. Such implants are also more affordable in the long-term for multiple and single tooth replacements.

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Convenience and Comfort

As implants posts fuse with the jawbone, implants then become a natural part of the body.

Boosts Self- Confidence

As the titanium post of the implant embeds itself into the jawbone tissue like healthy, natural teeth, it provides a solid foundation for a replacement tooth, bridge, partial, or denture.

This guarantees that the patient’s teeth will not slide or slip, wobble, or loosen when chewing, biting, or speaking. Implant-retained prostheses manufactured from top notch dental materials that resemble tooth enamel and gum tissue, will look natural and aesthetic, at times even better than the natural tooth.

Bone and Oral Health

The movement of natural tooth roots when we chew and bite stimulates the jawbone. It signals the brain that the jaw must support the teeth. As a result, phosphorus and calcium are supplied to the jawbone, nourishing the bone and helping it stay strong.

Known as the piezoelectric effect, implants are the only prosthetics that can replicate this, since they replace teeth roots.  Regular bridges, crowns, dentures, and partials can only replace the crowns of damaged or missing teeth. In this case, the brain does not get prompted to deliver the necessary nutrients to the jawbone.

With the passage of time, a shortage of phosphorous and calcium in the jaw causes reduced bone density. As a result, the jawbone degenerates and shrinks, giving the person a sunken facial appearance. This is termed facial collapse. One major oral health advantage when using an implant-retained bridge is that the healthy, natural teeth do not have to be trimmed and crowned to support the bridge.

Implants vs. Dentures

Image of a patient ready for dental implant method

Natural suction or adhesive can give the stability necessary for upper dentures. For lower dentures, adhesive is essential. But, there is the possibility of dentures becoming wobbly or loose after a while, even when adhesive is used. This increases the risk of slippage.

Meanwhile, implant-retained dentures are attached to posts that are fused in the jaw. Thus, they will not come loose or wobble. Such dentures will fit snugly right from the start. The greater stability that implant-retained dentures provides leads patients to feel more self-confident when out in public, particularly when dining out.

The loss of natural teeth does not mean that you must spend the rest of your life handling conventional dentures and related issues. Implants offer you all the advantages of your natural teeth. After implants are affixed there is no need for any extra maintenance effort. You can clean them as you do your natural teeth.


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