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Benefits of family dental care in Turlock, CA

Dr. Ramsin Davoud (Ramsin K. Davoud DDS Family & Cosmetic Dentistry) provides safe and reliable family dental care in Turlock, CA

Every member of your family should ideally visit the dentist at least twice a year. To ensure the general good dental health for you and your family, it is a good idea to look for a family dentist who can address the oral health needs of every family member.

Whether it is your toddler who is ready to get his or her first few teeth or your elderly parents who may require dentures, a family dentist can provide numerous benefits to families. Dr. Ramsin Davoud (Ramsin K. Davoud DDS Family & Cosmetic Dentistry) provides safe and reliable family dental care in Turlock, CA.

Track the Oral Health of Your Child

You may get your child a yearly physical examination along with tests for hearing and vision to ensure the normal development. Similar to these annual check-ups, your child should visit the dentist at least twice a year. A general practitioner may not be trained enough to examine tiny teeth and small jaws.

A family dentist with appropriate experience can help in such a scenario. The family dentist understands the critical role of the baby teeth in developing speech and chewing habits. The dentist ensures the healthy dental development of your child and advocates for dental sealants and other preventive treatments or more invasive procedures if required in the future.

Get Somebody to Turn to in Case of a Dental Emergency

Children and adults are equally vulnerable to cracked and chipped teeth. Your child may have a dental emergency while playing sports or roughhousing. Where would you turn if your child experiences a debilitating toothache or a baby tooth falls out? These are situations where your family dentist can help.

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Spot Inherited Problems

It is easier to spot trends of tooth decay or gum problems when all family members visit the same dentist. When the family dentist identifies signs of a problem in the parent, he can give special attention and care in watching for any early signs of a similar problem in the child.

You can avoid some inherited dental problems for your child with early preventative treatment by Dr. Davoud. This not only saves your money but also prevents your child from experiencing avoidable discomfort.

Make Speedy Visits

Sometimes, it can be difficult to set regular appointments with the dentist for all individual family members. You can save a lot of time by getting your teeth cleaned at the scheduled appointment of your elderly parent or child. Also, it makes the visit to the dentist less stressful for the elderly and children when they know you are getting a similar treatment in the next room.

Comprehensive Services

Ramsin K. headed of Davoud DDS Family &  Cosmetic Dentistry

You can get a wide range of services from a family dentist. You can visit their clinic whether you require dental cleaning or a more specialized care such as dental implants. They rarely refer a patient out for any dental care, as they are trained in providing various dental services. With family dental care, you visit the same dental practice for the whole family and receive high-quality care for all your dental needs.

Scheduling Convenience

When every family member has dental appointments planned on different days, it becomes hard to maintain your schedule. You can visit the office of a family dentist at convenient times without missing out on anything important in life.

Continuance of Care

Family dental clinics provide unmatched continuance of care. They observe your child growing into a teenager and an adult. They care for your child through multiple parts of a dental procedure. They see you and your family every year and understand your needs and your in-depth goals. This continuation of care helps in fostering strong patient-doctor relationships based on trust and mutual respect.

Set Lifelong Habits

You may take regular visits to your dentist as a priority. But your children may be too young to appreciate the worth of regular teeth cleanings or dental x-rays performed every six months. Visiting a family dentist can help in introducing the significance of good oral hygiene. Regular visits to the family dentist can help your children develop good lifelong dental habits from a very young age. You can also set a good example by scheduling your appointment along with that of your child.


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