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LightWalker® By Fotona® Laser System in the Spotlight: The Many Benefits and Applications

Lasers were first introduced in 1960. Dentists began to use them soon after. Since then, laser dentistry has established itself as a comfortable and precise way to cut through and treat tissues without using “traditional” tools, such as scalpels and dental drills. Conventional instruments can be triggering for individuals with dental anxiety, fear, and phobia. 

Fotona Dental Laser in Turlock CA Area

We at the office of Dr. Ramsin K. Davoud serve patients in and around Turlock, California, with cutting-edge technologies. Notably, Dr. Davoud has invested in the LightWalker® system by Fotona®, a leader in advanced laser technology. The LightWalker® is uniquely designed to cut through hard and soft tissue quickly. 

With the world’s fastest erbium laser, this innovative system efficiently treats diverse dental and oral issues. Furthermore, it is considered a less aggressive laser than earlier-generation devices such as the standard CO2 laser. So, patients are not at risk of the side effects and post-treatment complications commonly associated with conventional tools and approaches to many dental procedures. We are happy to go into greater detail about the benefits of today’s lasers at the dentist’s office. 

Putting a Spotlight on the Benefits 

The LightWalker® further supports many operating modes and a state-of-the-art laser beam delivery system. These and other capabilities promote the best experience before, during, and after treatment. Key benefits of laser dentistry with the LightWalker® include: 

  • High-performance, precision treatment – The laser pinpoints and targets the treatment site, leaving healthy neighboring areas untouched.
  • Gentle and painless – Conservative treatment is generally better tolerated and preserves tissue.
  • No shots needed – Since treatment is comfortable, localized anesthetic or other numbing agents are typically unnecessary. 
  • Fast – Efficient treatment of tissues means less time spent “chairside” and more time enjoying your healthy, stunning smile.
  • Minimal risks – LightWalker® is a light touch and minimizes the risk of side effects such as bleeding and complications such as infection.
  • No downtime – There is nothing to “recover from.” So, you can go about your business (with little to no aftercare as well).
  • Ultra-safe – The LightWalker® cuts and disinfects simultaneously. You enjoy the safest treatment experience and predictable outcomes. 
  • Promotes healing – Due to how the laser penetrates and is absorbed by tissues, this system triggers the body’s production of fibrin to aid in fast healing and natural tissue regeneration. 
  • The ultimate versatility – This system can be used on soft tissues (gums) and hard tissues such as the teeth and supporting bone in the jaw. It is appropriate for both cosmetic and restorative dental procedures, as well as for esthetic “anti-wrinkle” treatments and to resolve sleep-disordered breathing (with NightLase® therapy).
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The benefits and opportunities for dental, oral, and maxillofacial applications are seemingly endless. We encourage you to contact our office with questions about laser-assisted treatments. You can schedule an appointment at Ramsin K. Davoud, DDS, in Turlock, California, by calling (209) 690-8051. Our office can also be reached from this website. Simply visit the “contact us” tab at the top of this page. We look forward to hearing from you!

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