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Dentist in Turlock CA offers kid friendly techniques and technologies for lifelong health

Kid Friendly Dentist in Turlock area

From early treatment of bite problems with functional orthodontics, to specialized sleep apnea care for children, Ramsin K. Davoud DDS offers many dental services for the youngest patients that can’t be found at other dentist’s offices in the Central Valley. These advanced services and approaches are built on the idea that children aren’t just little adults. The best kid friendly dentist in Turlock, CA has customized treatments that consider pediatric patients’ unique needs, and the different ways that dental and periodontal conditions can manifest in kids.

Starting the oral health journey off right

Ideally, Dr. Davoud and the team will begin to see your child at a very young age, either as soon as the first tooth comes in, usually at around six months of age, or before his or her first birthday, whichever comes first, because sometimes the first tooth doesn’t erupt until 14-months. We’ll make sure baby teeth are developing as they should be, because even though they fall out, they serve many important roles for primary teeth:

  • Provide facial structure
  • Guide adult teeth into proper alignment
  • Help to pronounce words clearly
  • Aid in healthy development of jawbones and muscles
  • Support comfortable chewing and good nutrition during formative years

Since your child is so young, we’ll help you care for baby teeth and gums. We demonstrate techniques to prevent common oral problems, such as early childhood caries. Brushing gums with either a soft-bristled infant brush or a moist cloth with a small smear of toothpaste is appropriate, until your child reaches at least the age of three, when you can apply a pea-sized amount of paste. You can also begin to demonstrate toothbrushing as soon as your child is able to hold and “operate” the brush. Monitor their brushing.

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During routine visits, Dr. Davoud will also monitor for conditions young children may be susceptible to. For instance, prolonged and intense use of pacifiers or thumb-sucking can harm jaw development. Our practice offers functional orthodontic treatments, which are designed to not only straighten teeth, but also to reposition the jaws. This approach to orthodontics doesn’t merely treat symptoms; it gets to the root of the problem. Myobrace, for instance, resolves habits such as mouth-breathing and thumb-sucking that cause problems with how jaws develop. Myobrace therapy combines training exercises to improve tongue posture and muscular function, as well as appliances that reposition teeth and correct functional issues. Patients as young as five can be treated with these non-invasive, proactive approaches – and early care means they may avoid the need for braces as a teenager!

Since the Myobrace system encourages healthy breathing, your child may get relief from sleep apnea without the use of noisy, cumbersome CPAP machines. Adults often have a difficult time complying with CPAP therapy, so you can imagine how well kids may do with these machines! Dr. Davoud also uses his advanced training and extensive experience to properly identify sleep apnea among pediatric patients. Children exhibit symptoms of sleep apnea in different ways than their adult counterparts. Consider this:

  • Adults with disordered sleep tend to act sluggish and groggy; kids are more likely to “act out” and be hyper when they’re tired.
  • Children may compensate for feeling exhausted by misbehaving in the classroom, or generally acting hyper.
  • In fact, University of Arizona Tucson researchers report that kids with sleep apnea are six times more likely to have ADHD-like symptoms than adults with sleep apnea.

The first step to effective treatment and the improved quality of life that follows is accurate diagnostics. We might just be on the front lines of your child getting the diagnosis he or she needs to finally get relief.

Since oral health is linked to overall health and wellbeing, and the foundation for oral health starts in childhood, it’s important that you have a dental partner who sets your child on the healthy path. Our kid friendly practice distinguishes from other practices in and around Turlock CA with:

  • Biocompatible and holistic preventive and restorative treatments – From fluoride-free products and non-invasive dental sealants to protect back teeth from decay, to metal-free restorations, all materials and techniques are designed to be friendly to your body and to promote lasting health.
  • Safe and gentle technologies – We use digital X-rays that are safer than their conventional counterparts by emitting less radiation, as well as lasers and other equipment that minimizes common sources of dental fear (such as drilling and shots).

The technologies and treatments mentioned above complement our warm and inviting office and friendly staff. We want your child to look forward to visiting us – Call (209) 666-8867 to schedule an appointment at the office of Ramsin K. Davoud DDS.


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