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Learn more about biological dental care for patients in Modesto, CA

Dr. Ramsin Davoud explain more about biological dental care for patients

In Modesto, California, patients have access to many dental practices in the community. However, patients should be extremely picky about the care they receive from dental professionals. In the past, many dentists have put toxic materials in the mouth of their patients and have done procedures that negatively impact oral health. Instead, biological dental care takes a primary focus on ensuring everything performed is done with the patient’s health in mind.

What does a biological dentist focus on?

A biological dentist such as Dr. Ramsin K. Davoud will focus on various aspects of biological care, including:

  • Biomimetic principles – in many cases of restorative treatments, dentists typically remove a substantial portion of existing tooth structure to provide restorations. However, this affects the durability of the natural tooth and makes it vulnerable to other issues. Dr. Ramsin K. Davoud provides conservative treatments to avoid permanent damage.
  • Mercury-free and mercury-safe care – many dentists use silver amalgam fillings, which are made with approximately 50 percent mercury – a substance toxic to the human body. We not only avoid placing silver amalgam fillings, but provide safe and appropriate removal and replacement.
  • Ozone therapy – ozone gas has been found to have restorative properties and can speed healing and treat areas of infection. It is often administered during periodontal treatment.

Learn more about biological dental care today

Dr. Ramsin K. Davoud in the Modesto, CA area is excited to offer patients solutions for their smiles that are safe and effective. If you want to learn more about biomimetic principles, mercury-free dentistry, and the use of ozone for the treatment of pathogens and bacteria, we encourage you to learn more about biological dental care and how it can positively affect you. Call (209) 666-8867 and visit our office at 1840 N. Olive Ave ste #2. We work with our patients to provide the care and treatment they need to look and feel their best!

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