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Orthopedic Services Near Turlock CA: What Teeth Problems Can They Resolve?

The fact is you can never go wrong with a good smile. It can impact just about everything around you, including your career and friendships. One of the best ways to improve the appearance of your smile is to get orthopedic treatment.

Orthopedic Services at Ramsin K Davoud DDS office Near Turlock CA Area

The process entails guiding your facial growth and is ideal for children since their jaws are still forming. However, that does not mean you cannot get orthopedic treatment as an adult. It can happen, but you might need to undergo surgery. Read on to determine how you can get orthopedic services near Turlock, CA from Dr. Ramsin Davoud and the benefits you will get from the treatment.

Here are the key problems an orthopedic service can resolve:

Impacted Teeth

As the name suggests, your teeth can become impacted due to insufficient space for teeth to fit into the dental arch. This condition is common with wisdom teeth because by then, the teeth aren’t drifting forward enough to allow a set of new teeth to erupt.

Dr. Ramsin Davoud can help align them to fit the jaw. Nonetheless, this is only possible at an early age


It refers to the abnormal growth or function of the teeth, jaw or muscles. It is mainly caused by habits like thumb sucking, tongue posture or incorrect swallowing. Functional orthopedics diagnose the problem at early childhood ages.


One of the latest methods of teeth treatment known as Forwadontics, it is aimed at aligning both the teeth and jaws.

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Orthopedists treat this condition by pulling the jaw forward using a headgear while focusing on the whole face, head posture, neck, and airway.

Seek Orthopedic Services Near Turlock CA

As hard as it is to admit, the way we dress or look can drastically impact just about anything. Having a straighter and whiter smile can greatly impact our friendships, career, and relationships with others.

Dr. Ramsin Davoud offers various orthopedic services in Turlock, CA. Call Ramsin K. Davoud DDS at (209) 666-8867 to book an appointment or get more info today.


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