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how dental amalgam is removed safely

Turlock offers solutions for a healthy mouth and body

A biological dentist provides a comprehensive variety of services, like many other dentists, but the focus is always on the systemic connection between the mouth and the body. Biological dentists know that oral health can impact the health of the rest of the body. Some of the services commonly associated with biological dentists are ozone therapy, safe removal of mercury fillings, and the use of metal-free restorations. At the Offices of Ramsin K. Davoud, we provide services based on the following biological dentistry principles: All of our procedures and dental materials encourage total body wellness. We always choose the most … Continue reading

Turlock dentist explains how dental amalgam is removed safely

how dental amalgam is removed safely

Our practice has made a commitment to mercury-free dentistry to preserve the health and wellness of our patients. Many studies have proven the inherent risks associated with mercury exposure. In order to protect our patients and staff from mercury hazards, we do not utilize amalgam fillings. In addition, Dr. Davoud and the team follow the strict protocols for safe removal of existing amalgam fillings, set forth by the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology. We have years of experience safely removing these fillings and replacing them with biocompatible alternatives. Not all dentists adhere to safe measures to remove amalgam … Continue reading

Implants from a skilled dentist provide Turlock area residents permanent replacement for a missing tooth

provide Turlock area residents permanent replacement for a missing tooth

Losing your natural teeth is an unpleasant experience. Whether by injury or disease, the hole left from missing teeth impacts your looks and your confidence. In the past, dentures or bridges have been the standard treatment to replace teeth. The problem is, many patients find dentures unnatural feeling, which has them opting to just go without teeth. Being without teeth because of ill-fitting or uncomfortable dentures is not a good option for our patients. It can lead to avoidance of social situations and may make you feel embarrassed. There is no need to let dentures stand in the way of … Continue reading

Turning Turlock smiles around with porcelain veneers

smiles around with porcelain veneers

Were you to conduct a poll to ask others how they feel about their smile, you might be surprised at the overwhelming number of people who would like to change one or more aspects of this pivotal facial feature. Statistics continually show the high demand for cosmetic dentistry services, and we are happy to meet our patients’ expectations for thoroughness of care. One of the methods commonly used to transform a smile quickly is porcelain veneers. What are porcelain veneers? The technical answer to this question is that porcelain veneers are custom made covers that are bonded to the front … Continue reading

Turlock patients trust the teeth whitening process to their dentist

Turlock patients trust the teeth whitening process

When you flash your smile, you may imagine that you are putting some beautiful pearly whites on display. A quick glance in the mirror might remind you that richly colored foods and beverages have had an effect on your smile. Teeth whitening is one of the most common cosmetic dental procedures for good reason. Most people can benefit from a little brightening, and the methods employed in the dental office are controlled, safe, convenient, and effective. What more could you ask for? Why teeth change color In most cases, teeth become discolored as a result of changes to the outer … Continue reading

Turlock Family Dentistry practice discusses the importance of preventative care

Ramsin K. Davoud DDS. discusses the importance of preventative care

Dr. Ramsin K. Davoud DDS of Turlock Family Dentistry answers your questions regarding the importance of preventative care. Q: Why is basic dental care so important in life? A: Basic dental care has a dramatic impact on your health and the appearance of your smile. We all know that our smile can be a huge asset to us: It helps us connect with other people, and benefit us in professional and social situations. A beautiful smile can be a source of confidence. Alternatively, a smile marred by decay or disease can have the opposite effect. It can become a source … Continue reading

Symptoms and treatment of obstructive sleep apnea explained

man sleeping on study table

Sleep apnea refers to a serious condition that affects many adults in the Turlock area. Patients with sleep apnea suffer “apneic episodes” in which their breathing stops for about 10 seconds or longer. These episodes can occur frequently throughout the night without the individual realizing it. What is obstructive sleep apnea? Obstructive sleep apnea, or OSA as it is commonly referred to, is a breathing disorder that occurs when a person is asleep. It is a result of a blockage in the airways. This blockage of airflow can keep patients from reaching the state of deep, restorative sleep, which is … Continue reading

Dental ozone in Turlock is revolutionizing prevention and restoration

As a biological dental practice, we provide treatments that take into account their overall impact on the body. When patients require treatment, we always aim to provide the most conservative, natural treatment that integrates well into the patient’s body. Ozone therapy is one such treatment. You’ve probably heard the term Ozone, but only when associated with the earth’s atmosphere. However, it has been used for decades in a variety of ways, including food preservation and water treatment. Ozone is a highly reactive tri-atomic from of oxygen Medical ozone is made by passing pure oxygen through a discharge generator. Its powerful … Continue reading

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