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All your family dental needs addressed under one roof

Family Dentist Turlock

Family dentistry services address oral health for patients of all ages. Young children have differing needs than teenagers or older adults. Comprehensive oral care from a family dentist provides services for primary teeth and permanent teeth. The primary goal of a family dentist is the health of the teeth and gums of his/her patients. Like general dentistry, prevention services are a priority for any family dentist. Some of the common family dentistry services include: Cleanings X-Rays Fillings Orthodontic evaluations Gum disease treatment Family dentists not only understand how a child’s mouth changes as primary teeth fall out and are replaced … Continue reading

Dentist in Turlock answers the question, “Can sleep apnea be cured?”

Sleep Apnea Dentist Turlock

Although obstructive sleep apnea can’t be cured, it can be effectively managed by your dentist? If you are struggling to sleep, are tired all day, or interrupt your partner’s sleep by snoring, it’s time to see your Turlock dentist, Dr. Ramsin K Davoud about sleep apnea treatment. What is sleep apnea? Sleep apnea is a common, yet serious, sleep disorder in which individuals experience repeated pauses in breathing during sleep. If you snore heavily or feel tired constantly, even after sleeping, you may suffer from sleep apnea. Signs and Symptoms Some of the most common signs of sleep apnea include: … Continue reading

Turlock Dentist explains why comprehensive dentistry is important for pediatric patients

Turlock Pediatric Dentist

Oral health is important for everyone, good dental care is essential to a child’s developing mouth. Pediatric dentistry is important because it helps children learn how to take care of their teeth and gums and establishes a foundation for a lifetime of oral health. Through prevention and education, pediatric dentistry offers compassionate, gentle dental care to children. At the office of Ramsin K Davoud DDS in Turlock, CA, we love the opportunity to care for children. Pediatric dentistry in Turlock – The First Visit When you notice that teeth are starting to emerge in your child’s mouth, it’s time to … Continue reading

Are you in need of Emergency Dental Care in Turlock, CA?

Emergency Dental Services Turlock CA

What is emergency dental care? Dental emergencies can cause a great deal of pain and discomfort to the person in the situation. A toothache can leave patients miserable. Providing emergency dental care is important for many patients in the community who are faced with an immediate need for the assistance of a professional due to emergency situations that may arise. You’ll need emergency dental services to fix the problem and alleviate the pain, which could sometimes be intense and unbearable. Some issues may warrant a phone call for emergency dental work while others may call for a visit to the … Continue reading

Straighten teeth with orthopedic orthodontics in Turlock, CA

Straighten teeth with orthopedic orthodontics in Turlock, CA

Dr. Ramsin Davoud of Turlock, CA understands the importance of using orthodontics to straighten teeth. However, there are many ways to perfect the alignment of teeth while also addressing other issues within the smile. The teeth are not the only aspect of the smile that may need perfecting. Instead, there may be other issues hindering the smile, including: Bite alignment Airway functionality TMJ balance Palate width Because of these concerns, the team of Ramsin K. Davoud DDS Family and Cosmetic Dentistry focus on providing orthopedic orthodontics. What is orthopedic orthodontics? This approach to orthodontics varies slightly, as it focuses on … Continue reading

Visit Modesto, CA area dental office for oral health care for pediatric patients

Dental office for oral health care for pediatric patients

If you are seeking a dental office for your pediatric patient in the Modesto, CA area, we encourage you to make a phone call to Ramsin K. Davoud DDS Family and Cosmetic Dentistry. Our team is here to help not only adults, but also young children in building a foundation of proper oral health and wellness for a lifetime of smiles! What is a dentist for pediatric patients? These dentists are professionals who have extended experience working with young children. They provide many of the same services a dentist for adult does, but offers special treatments modified for children including: … Continue reading

The best in oral health and overall wellness from Biological dentist in Turlock, CA

Biological dentistry available with Dr. Davoud near Modesto, CA

It used to be that if you needed a cavity filled, you went to a dentist and he filled the cavity. Or, perhaps your gums were bleeding, so you scheduled an appointment for a dental exam. If there was a decayed tooth in your mouth, you paid a visit to your dentist to have it extracted. Dentists were concerned with the health of your mouth and offered care to ensure you had healthy teeth and gums. That was basically it. In recent years, however, studies have shown connections between the health of the mouth and the overall health of the … Continue reading

Oral sedation dentistry available for patients near San Francisco, CA

Oral sedation dentistry available for patients near San Francisco, CA

Patients near San Francisco, CA who are interested in maintaining their oral health and wellness are often urged to visit a biological dentist such as Dr. Ramsin K. Davoud. However, many patients avoid making dental appointments because of the fear of visiting the dental chair. Thankfully, Dr. Ramsin K. Davoud proudly provides patients with solutions such as oral conscious sedation to get patients through their dentistry appointment in a relaxed and calm manner. What is oral conscious sedation? Dr. Ramsin K. Davoud describes oral conscious sedation as a special sedative that patients take prior to their appointment so they arrive … Continue reading

High quality services from a Biological and Holistic Dentist in Modesto, CA

Visiting a holistic dentist near Modesto, CA

Biological and holistic dentistry is gaining traction across the world right now. People have begun to realize that a dentist should pay attention not only to the state of health of a person’s mouth, but also to the overall health of the person. A biological and holistic dentist takes into consideration not just how to provide treatment that would best address a person’s oral needs, but also how those treatments would affect the overall health of that person and interact with the other organs of the body. What does a holistic dentist do? Their basic functions include: Assisting patients in … Continue reading

Modesto, CA patients can enjoy professional teeth whitening with Dr. Davoud

patients can enjoy professional teeth whitening with Dr. Davoud

Modesto, CA area patients who desire a brighter smile are welcome to visit Ramsin K. Davoud DDS Family and Cosmetic Dentistry to learn about whitening options. Professional whitening gives faster, longer-lasting results than anything available over-the-counter today. These methods are often far more rejuvenating than the products sold at local drugstores, making them superior. Patients interested in enhancing their natural teeth with the help of a dental professional are encouraged to call. What methods of whitening are available? Chairside whitening Home whitening kits Chairside Whitening Our chairside whitening process offers patients a way to brighten the smile quickly and easily … Continue reading

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