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Implants from a skilled dentist provide Turlock area residents permanent replacement for a missing tooth

Losing your natural teeth is an unpleasant experience. Whether by injury or disease, the hole left from missing teeth impacts your looks and your confidence. In the past, dentures or bridges have been the standard treatment to replace teeth. The problem is, many patients find dentures unnatural feeling, which has them opting to just go without teeth.

provide Turlock area residents permanent replacement for a missing tooth

Being without teeth because of ill-fitting or uncomfortable dentures is not a good option for our patients. It can lead to avoidance of social situations and may make you feel embarrassed. There is no need to let dentures stand in the way of your professional or personal life. With the help of Dr. Davoud, your skilled Turlock area cosmetic dentist, you can have new teeth that are just as functional as the ones you lost.

Dental implants have risen to become the gold standard for tooth replacement. The reason is that implants address the missing tooth roots rather than just replacing the visible portion of the tooth. This helps preserve the jawbone and prevent tissue loss that is common with missing teeth.

Tooth implants are often chosen over alternatives due to their strength and stability. With dentures, many patients live with a fear that their teeth will move or slip out of place while eating or speaking. Implants can provide security and confidence because they are permanent.

As dental technologies have advanced, dental implants have become a preferred base for full dentures. Traditional dental implants are completed during several appointments over the course of a few months. Patients begin with a consultation to determine candidacy for dental implants. To receive implants, patients must have good oral health and sufficient bone structure. In some cases, patients with jawbone deterioration may undergo a bone graft prior to implants.

During the procedure, the dental implants will be strategically placed into the jawbone to create a foundation for the denture. Dr. Davoud will evaluate the jaw for healthy bone tissue to decide final placement of the implants. After the implants are left to heal and fuse with the bone, they can be completed with a final crown or denture.

Losing natural teeth does not mean you have to spend a lifetime trying to cope with conventional dentures. With implants, you can have all of the benefits of your natural teeth. To learn more, or to schedule your consultation, contact our team today at (209) 666-8867.

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