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When sedation dentistry makes sense for patients in Turlock, CA

sedation dentistry makes sense for patients in Turlock, CA

Tremendous advances have been made in the field of dentistry, including the use of healthier materials and techniques. As a biological dentist, Dr. Ramsin Davoud attends to the oral health of his patients, with consideration for the individual’s entire wellbeing – physical and emotional. With sedation dentistry, Turlock, CA area patients can get the dental care they need and the cosmetic treatments they desire, with minimal stress. Sedation dentistry isn’t right for every patient or circumstance, but in the following situations it makes good sense.

Dental anxiety

Millions of Americans avoid routine preventive visits and much-needed restorative care because of fear. It may stem from previous bad experiences at the dentist, control or personal closeness issues, or clinical sights, sounds, and smells. Regardless, knowing that oral conscious sedation is available allows these patients to take the first important step – making the call to schedule an appointment. They get a good night’s rest before the visit, and relax or doze comfortably during treatment.

Extensive or multiple procedures

Patients with no dental anxiety may consider oral conscious sedation for convenience. In this deeper level of relaxation, a complex treatment or multiple procedures may be completed in a single visit. That reduces travel demands and time off of work or a busy personal schedule.

Patients with disabilities

The team at Ramsin K. Davoud DDS Family & Cosmetic Dentistry gives personal attention to each patient. Thorough treatment requires a certain amount of time in the chair. Oral conscious sedation may be a good solution if a physical or cognitive disability makes it difficult for the patient to sit still. Dr. Davoud works with the patient’s other healthcare practitioners to be sure sedation is safe and appropriate.

Speedy treatment and healing

Patients who are nervous instinctively clench their jaws. That muscle tension can make injections and dental procedures uncomfortable. Even those who are not anxious may get fatigued from holding the mouth open. With sedation, the patient is relaxed physically as well as emotionally. There is minimal strain on the jaw joint, and Dr. Davoud is able to complete treatment efficiently. With less tissue trauma, the mouth heals more quickly.

Oral sedation is simply a prescription pill. Generally, you take a dose the night before your appointment and another in the morning. Arrange for a friend to drive you to and from the office, because you may feel groggy. You are conscious and able to talk, walk, and breathe on your own; just relaxed and unconcerned about treatment. You are not left alone and your wellbeing is monitored throughout the appointment.

Call Ramsin K. Davoud DDS Family & Cosmetic Dentistry at (209) 666-8867 to get your oral health and whole-body wellness back on track with sedation dentistry. Turlock, CA, Modesto, and Merced area patients trust Dr. Davoud for gentle care.

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