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What Are My Teeth Implants Options in Turlock, CA?

Having missing teeth can negatively impact the quality of your lifestyle. This is because you will likely feel shy about smiling or even opening your mouth in front of other people. You should know that you don’t have to leave this way as you can get teeth implants in Turlock, CA. You should know that obtaining quality teeth implants from a reputable dentist is important. Among the top dentists in the Turlock, CA area is Dr. Ramsin Davoud of Ramsin K. Davoud DDS. At this dental clinic, you will be at the hands of an experienced dentist and access various teeth implant options.

Teeth Implants in Turlock CA Area

Teeth Implant Options

There are two primary teeth implants available in dentistry, and both are available at this Turlock, CA, clinic. They are:

  • Endosteal
  • Subperiosteal


These are teeth implants that are installed on the jawbone. The implants come as a set of screws, each fitting into another. Most people seeking teeth implants prefer this kind of implant because it anchors securely into the jawbone. Thus, they rarely fail when chewing tough foods and last longer.


Unlike endosteal implants, subperiosteal teeth implants sit between the gum and the jawbone. These teeth implants are advised to patients who don’t have healthy enough jawbones to support the endosteal implants. Since they are not secured into the depth of the jawbone, they are more likely to fail.

Strengthening the Jawbone

Dr. Ramsin Davoud also offers procedures to strengthen the jawbone to allow for endosteal teeth implants. This means that if you want endosteal teeth implants in Turlock, CA, you can get them. These procedures include:

  • Bone augmentation encompasses regenerating and restoring the jaws using growth factors and bone additives. This allows the jawbone to regain strength and mass to hold endosteal implants.
  • Sinus lift, where a bone is added to below the sinus to make up for lost bone mass resulting from missing upper teeth.
  • Ridge expansion, where a bone is added to the jawbone to create more space to support the dental implants.
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