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How pinhole gum surgery can help Turlock area residents suffering with gum infections

surgery can help Turlock area residents suffering with gum infections

If you have been experiencing chronic jaw pain, neck pain, or headaches, you may be experiencing symptoms of a TMJ disorder. TMJ stands for temporomandibular joints, which hinge the jaw to the skull. Their purpose is to keep the jaw stabilized and allow you to perform the various oral movements such as speaking or eating. If there is an issue in the anatomy of the jaw, people will begin to experience bothersome symptoms that are often difficult to diagnose. At the office of Dr. Ramsin Davoud, our team has years of experience diagnosing and treating patients who are suffering from TMJ disorders.

TMJ disorder is usually diagnosed after a multi-step process. First, we perform an evaluation of the bite and wear or damage on the teeth. Next, we use electromyography and electrosonography to evaluate active and resting muscle activity.

The cause of TMJ can be linked to multiple factors. Some patients experience it after a physical injury such as whiplash. For others, the joints may be worn down causing arthritis to develop. Most commonly, the pain associated with stress on the joint is due to clenching of the jaw known as bruxism.

The most common symptoms associated with TMJ are stiff joints, jaw tenderness, neck or shoulder pain, inability to fully open the mouth, and chronic headaches. Patients may also experience clicking or popping of the jaw, tooth pain and sensitivity, or inner ear pressure. These symptoms can be very difficult to cope with, but the good news is there can be relief with treatment.

Dr. Davoud offers multiple treatment options for TMJ disorder. Depending on the severity of the symptoms, we may first try to reduce muscle constriction through a mild form of electric stimulation. This helps release jaw tension and improves blood flow and oxygen to the area. Patients may also benefit from oral appliance therapy. All of this will be discussed during your consultation.

Due to complexity of TMJ disorders, we encourage all patients who are experiencing symptoms to contact us for an in-depth screening. If you live in the Turlock area and area ready to find relief from TMJ, please call us at (209) 666-8867 today.

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