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What Types of Tongue-Tie are There in Turlock, CA?

Our mouths are unique, and the tongue is one of the strongest muscles in the body. That being said, when the tongue cannot move fully or move properly, it can cause a whole range of problems. Tongue ties affect more than just babies, and for those looking to learn about the types of tongue-tie in Turlock, CA, Dr. Ramsin Davoud with the Ramsin K. Davoud DDS team can help.

What Types of Tongue-Tie are There in Turlock, CA Area?

What is a Tongue Tie?

Just below the tongue is a piece of tissue known as the lingual frenula. This piece of tissue helps the tongue move to facilitate speech, eating, and more. When this piece of tissue is thicker or shorter than it should be, this is referred to as a tongue-tie. That means that the tongue cannot move as freely as it should be able to and that it is harder for the tongue to move, which may impede speech or eating.

Types of Tongue-Tie

  • Type I
  • Type II

The most common types of tongue-tie are type I and type II. A tongue-tie means how far forward the tongue is and where it is positioned in the mouth. With a tongue tie type I, the tongue is anchored right behind the front teeth and does not move much. With type II, the tongue is anchored two to four millimeters from the teeth. Either type does inhibit the tongue’s movement and its ability to do the job it was designed to do.

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In many cases, tongue ties are diagnosed and remedied early in life, often in babies with trouble eating or nursing. The treatment for a tongue tie is to clip it, either with a laser or with other means, and to make sure that it does not reattach. That frees up the tongue and makes it possible for it to move freely without being anchored to the bottom of the mouth. If you have a baby with a tongue-tie, you will be referred to a dentist most of the time to have it repaired.

For those looking for tongue-tie treatment in the Turlock CA area, Ramsin K. Davoud DDS can help you get your tongue-tie taken care of quickly and easily. Call (209) 690-8051 today to set up an appointment and to see what can be done for you.

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