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Dr. Davoud has made my dental experience amazing. Especially since I used to have a lot of anxiety going to the dentist. He really takes the patients fears and feelings into consideration and helps them overcome the fear of the dentist. I recommend him to all my friends and family.
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Millions of people avoid dental care due to anxiety. We understand that your reason for putting off that call to the dentist is not because you don't care about your teeth. In most situations, visits are avoided due to apprehension and fear.
Don't let your smile and your whole-body health suffer because you are afraid to see the dentist. We go to great lengths to make you comfortable when you visit our Turlock office. Understanding that a gentle hand and open communication may not be quite sufficient to ease your anxiety, we also offer the option of oral sedation to settle your nerves while we attend to your dental needs.
How it works
Oral conscious sedation is one of the most efficient, most convenient methods to date. There is no need for an IV nor a mask. After a thorough consultation and examination, Dr. Davoud will determine the most suitable medication for your needs. A prescription will be written and filled before the day of your treatment. Sedative medication inhibits activity in the parts of the brain involved in the "fight or flight" stress response. One important note about sedation is that you need to have a reliable driver bring you to and from our office.
What to expect
In many cases, the prescribed sedative will be dispensed in steps. Your first dose can be taken the night before your visit. You will find this pre-treatment sedative very beneficial in enabling you to sleep soundly without anxiety about impending dental care. The better you sleep the night before care, the more relaxed you will be once you arrive at our office.
On the day of treatment, you will take your second dose of anti-anxiety medication approximately one hour before your visit. Because the effects of sedative occur relatively quickly, it is important to have a trusted friend of family member as an escort, even if you take public transportation to our office.
Most people put off visits to the dentist due to the fear and apprehension they have about the event. We understand this anxiety and try to make your experience as stress-free and comfortable as possible. CALL (209) 666-8867 NOW OR BOOK AN APPOINTMENT
During your appointment, you will be conscious and responsive to our staff. Sedation will enable you to receive care without feeling anxious or fearful. Your state of relaxation in the dental chair is deep enough to feel like light sleep. We will provide care gently and explain to you our processes so you feel comfortable from the time you sit down to the time we complete your treatment.
The effects of oral sedation remain for several hours after the completion of treatment. Your escort will see that you return home safely. Here, you should rest until the effects of your sedative wear off. A nice after-effect of oral conscious sedation is that you may have little to no memory of your treatment.
In some cases, we understand that our patients may need a deeper level of sedation than that provided by oral conscious sedation. This is why we also offer the option of deep sedation under general anesthesia for appropriate patients in certain situations. Deep sedation is only performed by our medical anesthesiologist when a patient requires a longer, more comprehensive sedation for a procedure.
If you fear seeing the dentist, know that you are part of a large majority. We do not judge patients for their ability to be fearless in the face of dental care. Our friendly team places a great deal of importance on your physical and emotional comfort. We are happy to talk with you about the option of sedation for your visits with Dr. Ramsin Davoud. Call our Turlock office to schedule your consultation today.
Sedation is one of the best things to happen in dentistry in many years! Call the Turlock office of Dr. Ramsin Davoud DDS for information. (209) 666-8867 .
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