Dr. Ramsin – different types of the dental examination and dental tests that are conducted by a biological dentist.

Dental Clifford Testing – Clifford testing is one that a lot of our biological patients will come in and they will want to make sure that if they are having a dental revision done and that what it is removing their old whether it is mercury or metal crown restorations and what not – they want to know what is going to go inside their mouth and they want to test that more or less, guide them as far as what is suitable and what is not suitable at the moment with their blood chemistry and their immune response and so Clifford is one of the big ones that we do with our patients. We also have some other tests in our office such as the DNA test that does differently from periodontal and also for different pathogens that are involved in the mouth that is available at our office if patients choose it they would like to do that. It gives us a better underdoing of their mouth as to how to treat it.

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