International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology.

Smoking teeth = poison gas.

In 1991 the World Health Organization acknowledged that the predominant source of human exposure to mercury is from your fillings

That should be of concern to anyone. So all mercury silver fillings leak a substantial amount of mercury constantly. The amount increases with any kind of stimulation and as a result, mercury from fillings predeceases the majority of human exposure to mercury.

The international academy of all medicines and toxicology is extremely concerned about the anecdotal claims of safety by manufacturers and other trade associations.

There are variants with the published and reviewed scientific evidence to the contrary. The precautionary principle requires action, once the possibility of how exists. It does not require proof beyond a shadow of a doubt but in the case of heavy metal and antibiotic exposure, it’s nearly impossible and unnecessary in our opinion.

What you are seeing is mercury vapor coming out of a 25-year-old silver amalgam filling in an extracted tooth. The background is a phosphorous screen. The mercury vapor absorbs the fluorescent light and you can see it as a shadow on the screen.

This is mercury coming off a filling that was dipped in water that was the same temperature as a human body. This is a filling that was rubbed with a pencil eraser for just a few seconds. Like going to the hygienist and having her clean your teeth. These are not small amounts of mercury – if you can see it, that’s more than 1000 times higher than the environmental protection agency will allow for the air that we breathe.

What about the last time you went to the dentist and they drilled on your teeth? Here is the mercury vapor every time you raise the temperature to 110 degrees with hot coffee or warm water or even chewed on it. Mercury comes off fillings every time you stimulate them and that stimulation causes that mercury to continue to leak out of the fillings for an hour and a half at a minimum.

Some people grind their teeth, some people chew gum. The dentist might send an old gold crown to the dental lab to be welded. How about the dental personnel? They are not being given informed consent.

Back in 1985, the International Academy of Medicine and Toxicology set out to determine the amount of mercury that was coming off fillings, and here’s the graph-showing substantial quantities of mercury were measured coming off fillings and then they estimated the total dose. Then they began animal experiments and put radioactive fillings in sheep. Mercury accumulated in the jaw, stomach, liver, and kidney in the sheep in just 30 days. Substantial quantities spread from the fillings to every organ in that sheep’s body.

Then they measured that the sheep’s kidneys dropped in their ability by 60% to clear Inulin – an indication of kidney malfunction.

Whole-body imaging of monkeys found exactly the same thing. Proponents of amalgam fillings claim that sheep chew too much. Though what’s the problem with monkeys?

They had mercury in their jaw, kidneys, liver, intestine, and heart. In further research found dystrophic bacteria that were anti-biotic resistant, cropped up in the intestines within two weeks of receiving these mercury leaking fillings.

Further studies have shown damage to the ADP Ribosilation of brain neuron proteins. In response to the controversy and at the request of the Federation of experimental scientists and biologists, Dr. Fitz Lobscheider and Murray Yimy wrote an editorial – the first ever in FASEB and point by point refuted the claims of the amalgam proponents.

That should be of concern to anyone wanting to have healthy children because mercury is highly damaging to fetuses.

The experiments in sheep showed that the mercury from the sheep’s fillings transferred immediately to the placenta of the unborn fetus and to every conceivable portion of the fetus’s body. It even increased in the lamb higher after birth from mercury in the mother’s milk.

There’s no such thing as a safe mercury filling. All mercury fillings leak mercury.

The combined effect of mercury, cadmium, and lead is just now being investigated but it’s not one in one.

It’s synergistic in one in one, maybe one hundred or even a thousand. Why is that of concern? Over and over again we have heard that children are exposed to lead from our environment. Mercury and lead are many times more toxic than mercury alone.These black, corroded, pitted mercury fillings are used where you must drill away a third of the tooth in order to fix a pinhead-sized cavity. Even if you like mercury, it’s the wrong thing to do to the children.

It leads to broken, diseased root canal extracted teeth throughout the rest of their life. It’s a blunder that costs the child all through their life.

Millions and millions of dollars are spent annually fixing teeth, again and again, and dentists don’t follow the manufacturer’s recommendations – Direction for Use Dispersalloy. The use of amalgam is contraindicated;

  • In expectant mothers.
  • In children 6 and under.
  • In proximal or Occlusal contact to dissimilar metal restorations.
  • In patients with severe renal deficiency.
  • In patients with known allergies to amalgam.
  • For the retrograde or endodontic filling.
  • As a filling material for cast crown.

They pack mercury in children around gold crowns, underneath bridges. They stuff it around the gum line in contact with tissues. There’s mercury spreading from this gold crown to every tissue in the patient’s body.

Even if you like mercury fillings, putting that kind of filling is simply the wrong thing to do. Harold Loe – the former director of the National Institute of Dental Research back in 1993 wrote the first volume in the critical step in the life of the tooth.

Using amalgam for the first filling requires removing a lot of tooth substances, not only diseased tooth substances but healthy tooth substances as well.

So in making the undercuts you sacrifice a lot and this results in a weekend tooth. The next thing you know the tooth breaks off and you need a crown. Then you need to repair the crown – and so it continues to the stage where there’s no more to repair and you pull the tooth.

With the first filling, you should do something that can either restore the tooth or retain a more healthy tooth substance. Use more materials composites where materials can bond at the surface without undercuts. You can do this with little removal of the tooth’s substance so that the core of the tooth is still there.

I would add that with the cost of an all done dental repair over and over again makes the cost of mercury fillings enormous – even if you don’t consider the neurological impairment and the brain damage that can be caused by dental personnel and infertility and the heartbreak it has caused to so many families.

It is the opinion of this academy that the responsible government agencies should prohibit the use of Mercury fillings until such time as their manufacturers produce the alleged evidence of safety. These instructions can be found on the web page of the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology.

I would recommend that you review them and have your dentist do the same before commencing any procedures involving mercury.