Harold and his wife get ZZZ’s with Dr. Davoud’s snoring treatment. An oral device for sleep apnea is “easier to use than … CPAP,” says the ex-snorer.
Hi my name is Harold Schaeffer. I was diagnosed with sleep apnea moderately and some of the choices were the CPAP machine and the oral device I heard about. The CPAP machine wasn’t something that really appealed to me with the way you had wear it at night and probably would wind up not using it.

So I really wanted to pursue the oral device and I was recommended to come to Dr. Davoud and he did the molds and ordered the device and helped me adjust it to get to where it was working.

Before the device I would snore all the time and wake up tired and my wife really complained about the snoring and once we got the device adjusted I completely quit snoring.

If I forget to put it in, she notices it in about an hour and wakes me. The device really does work for the sleep apnea and I feel much better.

It’s a little bit inconvenient you know to always put that in, and it feels a little funny in the morning when you take it out and your jaw has to readjust but it’s much easier to use in my opinion than it could be with the CPAP and all of that.

It’s easier to take with you, it a little container so it doesn’t take up any room when you pack. I’ve been really happy with it. If you’ve only got mild/moderate, it’s really worth the time and effort to try it and see if it will work for you.