Edna has experienced a transformation journey with Dr. Davoud and his holistic approach to curing her rheumatoid arthritis. From what has been a painful lifestyle since her late teens, Edna can now wake up pain free and enjoy the little things of everyday life!
Hi my name is Edna, I am a recent patient of Dr Davoud, I would like to share my experience and basically a little bit of how I- through the multiple surgeries and the work of Dr. Davoud, I was able to heal my body from having rheumatoid arthritis for 10 years. I started doing dental work, a lot of root canals when I was 18, 19 and I realized through the interview with Dr. Davoud that by the age of 20, 21 is when I developed rheumatoid arthritis. By then I already had over 9 root canals in my mouth and doing multiple x-rays and a3D x-ray we were able to pinpoint that all the root canals in my mouth had infections and I did go to multiple doctors for rheumatoid arthritis. Medication was not helping and finally one of my nutritionist suggested I look into a holistic dentist and initially I didn’t believe it and I didn’t look into it. A little bit later after I got myself to a position where I was able to commit and go to a holistic dentist.

I researched and found Dr. Davoud I really liked his work, I read up on his biography on his website and I was really interested in it and it just felt really good coming in and from the moment I came in, he is taking pictures taking x-rays – he walked me through everything, he actually walked me through the books, he walked me through the research that was done on how root canals and infections in the mouth lead to diseases, and how it is a silent infection because you don’t feel any pain – it just seeps into your body and I had arthritis for 10 years, my jaws my fingers my toes, my knees – everything was hurting, every day. I gave up on just taking arthritis medication for a while and it just got worse and worse and that is when I came to Dr. Davoud And I set out to do a big surgery and it went amazing.

I can’t speak for the work that he has done because I am not a professional like he is, but I can tell you that after the surgery a week or two after the surgery once the pain settled I no longer felt any arthritis pain. I woke up and it was the first time in my life after 11 years, I woke up out of bed and I was just happy and I had no pain and I was just surprised and I went through my day and I was like okay now it is going to come back, now it is going to come back and it just didn’t and for the first time in my life I went on vacation and I ate everything and I traveled and I was sitting in cars and airplanes where usually I would swell up, I would have pain it would take me a couple of days to recover but this time I had the most amazing vacation after my surgery, no pain no swelling, I can hundred percent say now with good belief it is unbelievable to me with belief that I am healed after removing, I believe 8, 9 teeth – 9 root canals in my mouth, all removed all cleaned out and I just feel amazing! I don’t have pain I feel amazing I feel young again!