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Technology that makes us different: the iTero® digital scanner for painless, optimal care

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Dr. Ramsin K. Davoud and the rest of our talented and kind team of Ramsin K. Davoud DDS in Turlock, California, are no strangers to cutting-edge dental technologies. We have an ever-growing suite of advanced diagnostic and therapeutic capabilities. The latest addition to these high-tech capabilities is the iTero® 3-D digital scanner by Align Technology, the makers of a pioneering orthodontic treatment: Invisalign®.
Dr. Davoud can use the iTero® scanner to support precise treatment with Invisalign®. But the applications for this exciting, non-invasive, and highly accurate scanner go beyond straightening teeth with clear aligners.

One scanner with so many uses!

Patients with all sorts of needs can benefit from this technology. This small handheld device supports accurate diagnoses, proper treatment planning, precision fabrication of oral appliances and restorations, effective treatment, and optimal outcomes.

To start the process, simply say, “Ah!”

iTero Digital Scanner Turlock, CA
We introduce the iTero® instrument to painlessly, conservatively, and quickly scan the inside of your mouth. A three-dimensional model is then created using the scanned images and digital equipment. All of this can be done within minutes and without using gag-inducing, messy, goopy manual impression materials and processes.
Since this approach eliminates the physical impression-taking and much of the human error associated with conventional processes, our team can deliver oral appliances, and restorations made right the first time. The risk of “re-dos” is dramatically minimized. So, patients experience the most hassle-free and convenient treatment process.
This revolutionary scanner technology is appropriate for even the most apprehensive patients. The process of collecting and evaluating information about your mouth is gentle and not aggressive or invasive.
In all, the iTero® elevates treatment, the patient-dentist relationship, and experience by:
  • Enhancing communication and patients’ understanding of dental conditions and treatment options – After all, by using a virtual, three-dimensional model of your mouth, we can show and not tell you what is going on in your mouth or how various treatment options will work to address these problems. This helps to empower patients with the information they need to make the most educated decision about their treatment and the long-term health of their smile
  • Promoting accurate monitoring of conditions and treatment progress – The digital scans are an essential part of each patient’s file. New scans can be used to compare against prior scans when assessing how well different interventions are working to resolve oral conditions. These scans also inform the development of treatment plans in the first place by aiding in evaluating the likes of occlusal conditions or bite imbalances and associated effects (occlusal wear)
We distinguish favorably with ever-evolving technologies to support our tradition of exceptional care. Experience these differences for yourself by scheduling a visit. Our team in Turlock, CA, can be reached at (209) 666-8867.
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