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Long in the tooth? Pinhole surgical treatment in Turlock, CA restores gum tissue, gently

Dr. Ramsin Davoud uses pinhole surgical treatment as a gentle alternative to gum grafting in Turlock, CA.

Healthy gums are not red. They don’t bleed when you brush or floss. Yet another sign of gum health is how these soft tissues fit around your teeth. If this tissue securely supports your teeth, your gums are probably free of disease or other trauma caused by the aggressive brushing and flossing; however, if your teeth look longer over time, the gums may be pulling away. Gum recession is more than a cosmetic issue. Teeth may be more sensitive than usual to hot and cold foods and drinks. But that’s just the start. As the space forms and grows between your gums and teeth, harmful bacteria build up in these pockets. Bacteria give rise to gum disease. As tissue pulls away, the tooth root is exposed. An exposed tooth root is prone to decay, which is a leading cause of tooth loss.

Ramsin K. Davoud, DDS reverses the effects of gum recession in a conservative, gentle, and low-risk way that promotes healthy and fast healing. Pinhole surgical treatment in Turlock, CA complements Dr. Davoud’s biological dental practice. Biological dentistry supports dental techniques and products that enhance oral and overall health and don’t cause undue risks for the patient. These techniques and treatments are generally less invasive and more comfortable and require little to no downtime when compared to conventional treatment methods. In this case, the Chao Pinhole® Surgical Technique that Dr. Davoud is certified in, represents an alternative to standard cutting and grafting.

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A better way

Generally, using a scalpel to cut out tissue from the palate and attaching it to repair gum shrinkage creates two surgical wounds. The process is also time-consuming and requires extended healing time afterward. The pinhole approach doesn’t require grafting, scalpels, or cutting. Since the gums are treated with a fine needle to create a tiny pinhole in an area with an abundant blood supply and collagen, the treatment site resolves quickly – within around 24 hours. Patients are often pleasantly surprised by how quickly they see improvement in the appearance of their gums, and without the swelling, bleeding, and discomfort associated with traditional techniques to restore the gum line to “normal.” Moreover, pinhole gum rejuvenation encourages your body to create more tissue on its own.

What to expect

Image of a Young Lady used Pinhole Surgical Treatment

Dr. Davoud uses a small needle to create tiny pinholes in the tissue, and he uses specially designed dental instruments to then gently loosen and shift recessed tissue over exposed tooth roots. In this way, a protective covering is restored to these roots, so the tooth isn’t vulnerable to decay. Unlike more invasive methods like grafting, which can require 90 minutes just to delicately cut, remove, and attach grafted tissue with sutures, no stitches are needed for the pinhole surgery. Treatment is also limited to one part of the mouth, versus creating wounds to both the area where the tissue is removed and to the area where it is placed. Since the procedure is so minimally-invasive, complications associated with grafting (like long healing times) are eliminated.

Ramsin K. Davoud, DDS is pleased to help patients regain tissue that is commonly lost to gum disease, “overbrushing,” smoking, and other trauma. Invasive surgical procedures that merely transplant tissue from one part of the mouth to the gums may build up the recessed gum line, but they don’t encourage your body’s natural regenerative capabilities.

It’s important to know that:

  • The Chao Pinhole® Surgical Technique is not a substitute for gum disease treatment. Dr. Davoud supports conservative care with root scaling and ozone therapy to inhibit bacteria.
  • Such treatment to resolve active inflammation and infection must be done before restoring the gum line with pinhole treatment.
  • Hormonal- and age-related changes can affect your gums; however, results from this regenerative technique can last for years if you abstain from the habits that give rise to gum recession and disease in the first place. Don’t smoke or use tobacco. We’ll show you how to brush and floss (without harming your gums) and discuss customized mouthguards if you clench and grind your teeth.

In addition to eating a healthy and balanced diet, gum-friendly care should include routine exams and cleanings at our office. We’ll monitor any changes to your gums and can remove plaque build-up at the gum line that doesn’t budge with a standard toothbrush alone. Call (209) 666-8867 to schedule your visit.


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